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Compressor equipment

Piston compressors electric KM1, K1, K12, K29, K23, K24M, K25M, S415M, S415M1, KV15, K2, K22, K20, K33F, S416M, S416M1, K31, K6, K30, K3
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The Bezhetsk compressor plant releases piston compressors as household purpose, and modern industrial class, made on the basis of two - and four-cylinder compressor heads. Model Productivity (at the exit) m3/min. Final pressure, atm. Receiver, m3 Drive, kW/U KM1 0,16 10 0,018
Group: Piston compressors
Screw compressors: VK-53, VK-54, VK-55, VK-57, VK-56, VK-61, VK-64, VK-65, VK-68, VK-69, VK-73, VK-74, ZIF-SVE-4/0,7, ZIF-SVE-5/0,7, ZIF-SVE-6,3/0,7, ZIF-ShV-5M, ZIF-ShV-7,5/0,6
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  Model Pr-ost (at the exit) m3/min. Final pressure, atm. Drive, kW/U Dimensions/mass VK-53 1,0 10 7,5 2000х800х1500/430 VK-54 1.5 10 11 2000х800х1500/450 VK-55 1.9 10 15 2000х800х1500/500 VK-57 1.5 16 18,5 2000х800х1500/550 VK-56 3,0 1
Group: Screw compressors
Autonomous compressor stations
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Autonomous compressor stations: ZIF-PV-6/0,7 screw, ZIF-PV-6/0,7 screw, ZIF-PV-8/0,7 screw, ZIF-PV-8/0,7 screw, ZIF-PV-10/0,7 screw., ZIF-PV-12/0,7 screw., KB-8M (porshn.), KD-9 (porshn.), KT-16 (porshn.), K37 (porshn.), VK-59 (screw.), VK-70 (screw.)
Group: Compressor stations
Diesel compressor of mobile ZIF-PV-8/0,7
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Diesel screw compressor stations of the ZIF brand 1. Resource of the screw block, not less than 40 000 motochas. 2.Possibility of operation in any environmental conditions. 3. The type of the compressor package - screw one-stage, maslozapolneny, is made according to the English license...
Group: Compressors


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